I'm All About The Blog.

Check one two. Check one two.  

Is this blog on?

Oh my goodness!  I'm Blogging!  


For oh, I don't know, 4 years, starting to blog has been on my to do list.  It's finally happening!  That is how much I am loving the way my business has grown!   I love all of my clients in the past.  If not for them, I wouldn’t have made it to here.  However, blowing up the internet with dance and beautiful art has my brain exploding with things to share.  

Since I'm not totally sure if this will hit the web and look pretty, I don’t want to waste it on my beautiful clients.  So…i’m going to tell you what all to expect here and a wee bit about me!


What to expect up in the blog.  

One, beautiful photos of my my amazing clients and muses!  Hello!  You all are crazy talented and I'm so honored you trust me to capture it.  Two, fun products and places to shop.  Maybe some giveaways from said places and things?!?! Hopefully I get to highlight some local studios! Three, my Beth Phillips Photography Dance Corps Reps!,  these are handpicked dancers that showcase what being a member of the dance community means.  I can’t wait for the (next) blog that features my first of the group.  We’ll call that one the first real blog post…lol.  


Who am I.

Most of you all know me.  If you don't, hey girl hey!  I’m Beth and in love with my craft.  I have 3 kids, a husband and some how along the way allowed one of my kids to get a bird. If you’ve had a session with me in The Nature, you know I'm a spazz and are probably shocked I allowed a bird in the house.  I'm wickedly proud of earning my bachelors degree in fine art with a concentration in photography.  That's where I started photo’ing dancers.  Even though I grew up in the Gem City and have so much love for all things Dayton, Rhode Island is where my soul is happy.  I love iced Dunkin Donuts coffee and Diet Coke rules the world! 


The biggest question I get is why dancers? 

What made me focus on dancers?  I started dancing when I was about 3 yrs old.  My mom had me in everything!  Tap, jazz, ballet, hula, baton… it was the early 80’s and everyone had a baton!  I danced pretty much until I was 12, and had to take a break after my knees started giving out.  In high school I went back to taking lessons and joined the Centerville Coeds until I totally blew my knees.  I love dance. Oh my god, I love the things the body does and the emotions you can work out in a piece.  My joints just couldn’t take it on a regular basis.  Still you may catch me in an adult ballet class getting my passe on.  


I have three amazing people (aside from my adoring husband) to thank.  Erin, Megan and Lauren knew my passion, talked me thru my insecurities, looked at every proof, test gallery, business text or email with love and encouragement. I’ll forever be indebted to you.  And thank you Sarah for helping take some of their heat when I'm in a panic about a specific workshop and laughing with me!  You guys are the best!  


Come Dance With Me

I’m so excited for you to follow my creative collaborations with my clients.  Don’t forget to follow me on social media to see info first.  If you have any questions about booking and packages, reach out!  I can’t wait to work with you!