2017 Comes To An End

There are so many images to pick as the last image from 2017 I could post.  So many images that have left a huge impact on not only me, but the beautiful dancer in front of my lens.  But this image from the final performance at SDA Studio’s Nutcracker couldn’t sum up my feelings about 2017 any better. 

Yes, 2017 was “awkward” (I really don’t have a better word for it..lol) at times. 

There were many opportunities to cry and laugh..some at the same time.  In the end, we all grew.  We all put in so much hard work and time to make 2017 end at least somewhat close to where we wanted it. 

wm_Nutcracker_Dance_Photographer_Dayton_Ohio_Dance studio-dayton-cincinnati-dance-portrait-photography-4875.jpg

THIS!  This image explodes with all the emotions I’ve felt this last month.  When it becomes time for all the blood, sweat and tears to be rolled into one last proof of hard work. 

YOU have all made my 2017 the best it could be for Beth Phillips Photography!  I can’t wait to head to #NYC in February to bring even more to the table for you!  Have a wonderful and safe New Year! 

See you in 2018!