We're Growing By Two

What a whirlwind 2018-2019 was! 

I can’t believe 2019-2020 season is here!

Last year was bonkers!  Like B-A-N-A-N-A-S kind of bonkers! We started off the 2018-2019 dance season with 4 schools and before we knew it, had 7. In one weekend I photographed 8 performances between 3 studios. IT WAS AMAZING! The talent out there is mind-blowing. I’m so proud of what comes out of Ohio! 


In the BOOM, we outgrew a lot too. Everything from the archive system, to the ordering system...all the way to the ordering forms we’ve used for years! Plus, in the middle of all the growing pains, I lost two of the most valued studio assistants I’ve had for the last 6 years to jobs at Ohio State and beyond…I’m seriously choking back tears just typing it. I’m so incredibly happy for Rachel and Sam but so sad I don’t have my sidekicks that were the glue that got the studio through the biggest busy seasons. I’m not kidding when I say I photographed roughly 2800 people flying almost solo in the office last season!


While I did find fantastic assistants to help with shoots and also behind the scenes, what I really needed was another ME. I needed someone who understood the ins and outs of running a photography studio and could help manage it. Someone who could keep on top of the communications and scheduling while I’m shooting and traveling. Basically, I needed someone who could let me B R E A T H E while I edit. You guys. Not only did I find one person, I scored two!


Some of you have probably already received emails from Megan Rund or Amy Coleman. Megan has taken on the prestigious roll of Studio Manager. You can read more about her here! And, Amy is a fantastic second set of eyes, ears, hands, brain power...you name it, she’s on it. Amy is a cheer and dance mom, and maybe one of the biggest Cubs fans I have met! Don’t worry...Addison and Lillian will be back for shoots around their school schedules, and fingers crossed Alyssa too!


I feel so great moving into the 2019-2020 year! On top of having 2 new support staff, we’re putting a new ordering system into place. I’m a little obsessed with this! It allows each dancer to have their own private gallery…no more sifting through the entire day’s photos. A pre-order feature that allows you to the option to pay the day of, and pick your images when they go live...no more waiting for orders to be filled and mailed out. New items from the lab at special discounts. And so many more things that have us as happy as a clam in the studio. All of these new and exciting changes will allow me to open up the schedule even more for audition shoots, creative shoots, and just more one-on-one time with YOU -- our valued clients.


Trust me. This year is gonna R O C K.

NYC Or Bust...

Psst...come in a little closer..I’ve got a secret.  


This secret has been the hardest to keep. I can’t tell you how many times I almost just screamed it out because the excitement is overwhelming!  Is it too late to write this entire blog in all caps?  I still kind of whisper it whenever I talk about this adventure out of fear I’ll jinx it!  Like maybe the universe meant for this to go to another Beth Phillips and if I say it too loud it will have to be corrected..lol!! #SupersticiousIsMyMiddleName

RE Exhibit at Wash Park Art

A few days ago I posted on my personal page that sometimes life hands you Golden Tickets and I’m always terrified I’ll (metaphorically) misplace them…have you seen me look for my keys at the end of a shoot?!?!  This is one on my "Golden Tickets" that’s been so hard to keep under wraps. About a month or so ago the Wash Park Art Gallery sent me an email that I wasn't sure was real. It went "I found your work online... would like to include this piece in our exhibit during the reopening of Cincinnati Music Hall next door...and it's during Fototfocus"!


WAIT!? WHAT? So I responded how honored I would be, offered and sent a mini portfolio of updated work, as that image was from my senior portfolio, and assumed nothing more would come of it. And for a few weeks nothing did. Ok, no big deal. It was amazing to just be asked. Like honestly, the experience of a gallery finding me online in another city and reaching out is HUGE!  The following week I got an email they wanted not one, BUT TWO of my pieces. YOU GUYS!!!! To say I put down my computer and cried while jumping around like a crazy person is an understatement. (#HopingTheyDontReadThis)  On October 5th at 5pm, the opening for the exhibit RE at Wash Park Art at 1215 Elm St in Cincinnati, OH will open, and my work will be part of it. 

When you're in art school supported by amazing teachers and a community, there are so many student opportunities to show your work in and out of class.  You really get to a point where you can’t be bothered with one more frame.  Once your days of hinging mats until 3am, calling Patterson Chase asking for a rush order on mats because you waited until the last minute to pick your images sizes, you don't really think your work will be in a gallery GALL-ERY again. ....at least not when you've had your 2nd and 3rd kiddos and in your mid-thirties by the time you graduate. And yet, here I am. Blown away that this is happening.  Let me tell you, trying to play the cool kid like you’ve done this a million time is hard when you just want to fan girl all over the place and scream it from the rooftops.  (Did I say #IHopeTheyDontReadThis yet?)


The art world is hard.  It’s emotional and personal and your skin has to get pretty thick fast or you lose your mind.  Your entire worth and validation is constantly in the eyes of someone else.  Yes, there are some pretty hard guidelines on what makes art appealing, but it’s not like math where it’s wrong or right, it’s subjective.  Images that you’ve put blood, sweat and (you know me, so literally) tears into can be told are not great…even bad.  Art is one of those thing you can walk into a room beaming with pride about your work, chest high and walk out needing wine to cry into.  Your art is a reflection of you so it hard not to take it personally.  These little validations are 100% Golden Tickets.  I am beyond honored that my clients trust me.  A gallery picked “me” and I get to share some of what I find pure beauty with more people. 

I'll add photos of them up soon!  


Polo For Babies

This past weekend I took a little break from editing and photographing dancers to photo another love of mine, horses.  Not just any horses, but a polo match raising money for my favorite hospital, Cincinnati Children’s. 

I'm All About The Blog.

Check one two. Check one two.  

Is this blog on?

Oh my goodness!  I'm Blogging!  


For oh, I don't know, 4 years, starting to blog has been on my to do list.  It's finally happening!  That is how much I am loving the way my business has grown!   I love all of my clients in the past.  If not for them, I wouldn’t have made it to here.  However, blowing up the internet with dance and beautiful art has my brain exploding with things to share.  

Since I'm not totally sure if this will hit the web and look pretty, I don’t want to waste it on my beautiful clients.  So…i’m going to tell you what all to expect here and a wee bit about me!


What to expect up in the blog.  

One, beautiful photos of my my amazing clients and muses!  Hello!  You all are crazy talented and I'm so honored you trust me to capture it.  Two, fun products and places to shop.  Maybe some giveaways from said places and things?!?! Hopefully I get to highlight some local studios! Three, my Beth Phillips Photography Dance Corps Reps!,  these are handpicked dancers that showcase what being a member of the dance community means.  I can’t wait for the (next) blog that features my first of the group.  We’ll call that one the first real blog post…lol.  


Who am I.

Most of you all know me.  If you don't, hey girl hey!  I’m Beth and in love with my craft.  I have 3 kids, a husband and some how along the way allowed one of my kids to get a bird. If you’ve had a session with me in The Nature, you know I'm a spazz and are probably shocked I allowed a bird in the house.  I'm wickedly proud of earning my bachelors degree in fine art with a concentration in photography.  That's where I started photo’ing dancers.  Even though I grew up in the Gem City and have so much love for all things Dayton, Rhode Island is where my soul is happy.  I love iced Dunkin Donuts coffee and Diet Coke rules the world! 


The biggest question I get is why dancers? 

What made me focus on dancers?  I started dancing when I was about 3 yrs old.  My mom had me in everything!  Tap, jazz, ballet, hula, baton… it was the early 80’s and everyone had a baton!  I danced pretty much until I was 12, and had to take a break after my knees started giving out.  In high school I went back to taking lessons and joined the Centerville Coeds until I totally blew my knees.  I love dance. Oh my god, I love the things the body does and the emotions you can work out in a piece.  My joints just couldn’t take it on a regular basis.  Still you may catch me in an adult ballet class getting my passe on.  


I have three amazing people (aside from my adoring husband) to thank.  Erin, Megan and Lauren knew my passion, talked me thru my insecurities, looked at every proof, test gallery, business text or email with love and encouragement. I’ll forever be indebted to you.  And thank you Sarah for helping take some of their heat when I'm in a panic about a specific workshop and laughing with me!  You guys are the best!  


Come Dance With Me

I’m so excited for you to follow my creative collaborations with my clients.  Don’t forget to follow me on social media to see info first.  If you have any questions about booking and packages, reach out!  I can’t wait to work with you!